TCS.web, our most powerful collection & enforcement system to date, is a highly versatile tool that gives you the ability to collect virtually any type of bill with one system. One solution, endless possibilities for you!

Everything You Need

Collect Anything

TCS will assist you throughout the process including retrieval, interest calculation, payments, reporting, foreclosures, and auctions.

Simplify Enforcement

Let us help you better manage multi-year receivables, like your property tax delinquencies. From returns to foreclosures & auctions you’ll be able to monitor the process for every affected parcel.

Relevant Reporting

Print reports, letters, legal documents and certified mail tickets. We’ll even help you create custom reports that meet your specific needs.

Accept Payments 24/7

Begin accepting payments even when your offices are closed with Xpress-pay, our online and mobile payment system. Once the funds have cleared, you can record the payments in TCS by simply uploading a file.

And Then Some

TCS provides you with an even more expansive list of features you can chose to create the perfect solution for your collection needs. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll show you how we can help.


  • All parcel based bills: Current Taxes, Water, Sewer, Electric, Delinquent Taxes; each with their own Interest/Penalty schedule
  • Historical data maintained by you – keep as much or as little paid history as you wish
  • Cash out function available as often as you wish
  • Visible audit trail of modifications
  • Bill type filters allow you to set up who can see which bills and what level – read only or update
  • Generates Financial transactions for your Accounting system
  • Able to accept e-payments
  • Supports payment plans
  • Supports partial payments, installment payments, payment of multiple bills


  • Manages multi-year receivables (such as property tax delinquencies)
  • Flexible interest/penalty schedule for one time, monthly, annually, or virtually any type of charge
  • Includes documents required for enforcement from Reminder Notices to Land Sale Resolutions
  • Unlimited Flags that can be used to include/exclude parcels from any step in the enforcement process
  • Unlimited Comments per parcel
  • Apportion by percentage
  • Merge parcels or add new parcels via a clone feature


  • Cash out reporting
  • Analysis of Collections
  • Variety of payment and/or receivable listings
  • Return of unpaid bills listings and files
  • Reminder Notices
  • Legal Enforcement documents
  • Certified Mailer Labels
  • Various Labels
  • Legal documents pertaining to Foreclosure
  • Land Sale documents
  • All reports can be produced as PDF or Excel spreadsheets

Robyn Beardsley

Cattaragus County, NY

“I love the power and flexibility TCS offers. This is not a ‘canned’ product. It’s [one] that will grow with us, and has a structure that allows us to meet our needs, not ignore them.”

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