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Xpress-pay, our ePayment solution, elevates your ability to accept payments wherever your customers may be. Let them pay you online, from their mobile device, or their touchtone phone with one easy-to-use solution.

ePayments That Are


We make it easy for you to enroll, and master the art of accepting ePayments.


Begin processing all your online, mobile, and IVR transactions with one account.


Trusted ePayment solutions since 2005. (Certified PCI-DSS Level 1 provider.)

 Joyce Jezewski 

Town Clerk, East Aurora

...I am very pleased with the Xpress-pay.com software. [We've] been accepting credit card payments online for close to two years and with virtually no concerns. It is not only user-friendly for our customers, but our staff as well. I would recommend this software to any [organization] considering credit card payments as an alternative payment option...

What's Included

Xpress-pay mobile demo

A Complete ePayment System

A Merchant Account
To get started, we'll help you set up a merchant account, so payments go directly into your bank account.

Online Payments & Invoicing
We'll then set up your Xpress-pay account so you can accept one-time, or regular payments, or upload invoices to fit your needs.

Site Fees
Finally, our most popular feature - site fees allow you to offset some or all your transaction costs.

Enhanced Features

Custom Branding

This option prominently displays your logo on our site for a more refined and professional look.

Recurring Payments

Give your customers the ability to pay automatically, to improve cash flow and reduce delinquencies. 

Email Notifications

With one-click email notifications, you can instantly alert your customers when their bill is ready to be paid.

Training & Support

We'll provide you with all the necessary training and support to ensure your success with the site.

Mobile Payments

Xpress-pay mobile demo

The Future, Today!

The Ultimate Sales Tool
Smartphones are taking over the world, and by leveraging our proven mobile wallet technology you can do the same. 

Simple to Add
Adding mobile payments to your Xpress-pay account is just a click away. Don't have an account? Sign up for one today!. 

Endless Possibilities
Connect with customers through QR codes, hyperlinks, and any print or digital ad, or integrate it directly into your POS.


Don't wait! Apply today, and begin discovering the amazing benefits of accepting ePayments without the high costs. You'll be glad you did!

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