Payroll Processing

Discover how Payroll.web, our advanced payroll system, is the only solution you’ll need to keep your employees paid and happy.

Simplify Your Payroll

Group Processing

Whether you have 1 or 1,000 employees, we’ve made it easy for you to quickly retrieve and maintain employee records and simplify how you process payroll.

Quick Additions & Deductions

Change is a part of life, and we’re here to help you embrace it. Let Payroll.web help you handle adjustments gracefully by making tasks like modifying wage schedules and applying deductions easier.

Detailed Reporting

Want to know where you stand with wages, and benefits provided? At anytime you can run real-time and relevant reports that allow you to better track all the details of your pay structure.


Full Training & Support

We want to ensure your success with this system, which is why we’ll offer you all the personal training and support needed to keep your account running smoothly while you’re with us.

Cloud Access

You can access your secure account from anywhere in the world, making it easy for you to stay on top of your payroll obligations, while never being tied to your desk.

And Much More

Discover everything you’ll need to get your employees paid, and keep them happy. You’ll be glad you did!


  • Automatic payroll for most employees (payroll by exception)
  • Special payroll processing to exclude elective deductions
  • Security module allows certain system functions to be accessible or denied by individual user
  • Payroll balancing and reconciliation prior to payroll completion
  • Automated payroll transcription to the General Ledger System
  • Host database is available on a twenty-four hour basis; database backup does not affect system availability


  • Employee’s time sheets are generated automatically
  • Amounts may be exempt from any wage totals Social Security, Medicare, federal taxable, state taxable, retirement wages, and even net wages
  • Accrual history for all additions and deductions for all employees
  • Payroll may be processed, verified, completed, and checks may be produced all at the client’s discretion; no outside time schedules or deadlines to accommodate.
  • Employee payroll data may be corrected and checks may be voided or check amounts adjusted at any time during or after the payroll cycle
  • Adjustments to payroll amounts are automatically entered into the appropriate payroll, year to date, and cumulative totals no multiple entries to make or maintain

Additions & Deductions

  • Unlimited number of deductions for the client and per employee
  • Unlimited number of additions to gross for the client and per employee
  • All deductions and additions are defined by the client
  • Flexible cost center assignment allows for employee account, departmental account, and default master account for any employee for any addition to gross
  • Any deduction may be excluded from any wage base
  • Any addition may be included in any wage base


  • Client selects W2 format
  • Large selection of available reports all available when the client needs them
  • Individual users request reports no need to schedule with other departments
  • Assured compliance with reporting requirements for outside agencies
  • Specialized reports available through regular maintenance charges

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